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Mobile technological advancement has vastly grown in the recent years to suit the customers changing needs. The mobile casino industry is moving together with smartphone companies, and more notable trends are to be witnessed in the casino segment. The mobile technology has revolutionized the casino industry since people used to play hand-held games now adopting mobile online casinos that are fast and more convenient.

The new mobile casino trends in 2017

Availability of casino apps on Android or Apple mobile

Due to the daily updates in the smartphone industry, many casino slots and poker games are made available as apps on Android and iOS stores. Every time a new update arrives, the previous version is surpassed. However, there are still some specific online games that are only available on the providers� website and have not yet been launched as mobile apps.

Log in from your mobile

The online casinos have undergone tremendous changes such that players can connect to their mobile browser using their current desktop login details. Therefore, players can skip the registration process and access their account straight way.

Faster deposits and withdrawals

Everyone at the casino plays with the intention of winning cash. In such a case, there are many payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa and many others that ensure a quick banking transaction carried out for the convenient of the gamer. The adoption of cryptocurrency is still in discussion due to its unprecedented nature; however, it�s a more attractive and secure mobile payment method that most players would love to shift.

Speech enabled mobile apps

The rapid advancement of mobile industry in the recent years has resulted in smartphones with a better Operating Systems that come with voice recognition software. Speech recognition is now replacing touch as an input method. Players are now convenience to interact with mobile casino games using speech as they place their lucky bets.

Women increasing in online mobile casinos

There has been a significant increase in female players since the year 2016. Statics have proved that in U.S the number of female participation in mobile casinos has risen to 40% while in the U.K trending at 49%. The shift has prompted the mobile casinos into tailoring their services to cater to the female player.

In summary, the advancement of mobile technology has positively affected the mobile online casinos. Almost all slot games, poker, and other casino games are compatible with Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and iPhone devices. Knowledge of the latest trends will enable players to diversify their investment goals in the mobile gambling business as well as accessing new players on a short time-frame. Mobile technology is dynamic and more online casino trends are yet to be witnessed in the coming years.
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